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How do you Turn Immediately in a Milan woman

Italian women are known for the finest in Europe, but especially women from Milan, thanks to the Milanese wife, to high fashion, all the time. They are somehow always perfect and well cared for. Freshly landscaped, tire blow-out to perfection, and outfits, so to the point.

So we thought we’d compile, here are a few ways that you can transform it immediately in a Milanese woman, with only a few additions and corrections:

Guccify Your Wardrobe

Gucci is a popular brand in Italy and you will see that it is everywhere in Milan. You will want to check out some of the Gucci women’s fashion from websites such as luisaviaroma.com to start, curating your wardrobe with classic options that work together and look both fashionable and polished. Remember to be creative and use fashion to portray your personal style, inspired by the Milanese fashion, but still true to who you are.

Buy Comfy Sneakers

Milan is a barrier-free city, but it is still a city. Convenient and fashionable sneakers are a must. Sneakers are a staple in every Italian wardrobe, and they have integrated themselves in the fashion world over the years. You can pair of comfortable sneakers, just about anything, from feminine dresses to pants and a leather jacket.

A Chic roof to get to a Milan woman

Milan has its rainy weather, and so a functional yet chic umbrella is a staple. Take inspiration from the Milan’s women and to get protective, but also pair well with most of your wardrobe. You’ll be thankful for the rainy days, if you want to protect your polished look and also not together with him!

Always make Sure your manicure is on point

A proper manicure is a quick way to either pull together your outfit or take away from it, if you chipped your nails are. So you want to make sure that your manicure is on point and maintaining the health of your nails. You hold filed, shaped and polished at all times, and your nails look great without Polish. For Polishgo for a neutral color, red or black. Also classic are the best option!

Get a Good, Light coverage Foundation and Mascara

Italians, in General, keep your make-up light and use it to really only emphasize your features. In this way, your natural beauty shines through and you still look like you! Italians are known for their the beauty and purity Thanks to their lightweight adaptive secrets.

Facials book at Least Once in a month

Facials, keeping your skin looking great, and to Shine while holding your makeup minimal, you want to skin your beautiful! Keep up with the maintenance of facial treatments for the best results and hold on to a customized skin care routine that works for you.

In The Big “Diva-Like” Sunglasses

Italians are notorious for always your sunglasses. A couple of classic “Diva-like” sunglasses are a classic option, and what you will see on the streets of Milan.

Milan is one of the most chic cities of the earth, and you can easily dress the part with some simple corrections and investments. Ciao bella!

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